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How your company/organization can help

With our yearly fundraising goal of $75,000, Pioneers in Engineering is actively seeking support from corporations and philanthropic organizations. In addition, PiE appreciates and accepts in-kind gifts in the form of parts and tools to complete the robotics kits. Donations to PiE are 501(c)(3) tax-deductible. 

Alternative: UC Berkeley Foundation

If you would like more information about PiE and how to partner with us, please email

How donations are used

Robotics Competition

Through our Robotics Competition program, we are able to provide robotics kits, parts, and mentors for 24 teams. In addition, our operating budget also includes competition field construction, campus-mandated insurance, room reservation fees, funding for mentor transportation to school sites, and tools available to teams when working on the UC Berkeley campus. We ask teams for only a $100 entry fee in order to ensure that money is not a barrier to entry. Our budget is extremely efficient and cost-effective compared to most robotics competitions, which often require each team to spend thousands of dollars.


Our Prep program provides weekly engaging, hands-on learning experiences to students in two high schools. We fund all materials that we use for these lessons.

What PiE can do for you

As PiE is an organization with close ties to Tau Beta Pi, the staff and faculty of the College of Engineering, engineering honor societies, and about 24,000 undergraduate students at UC Berkeley, your support of the program is extremely visible to the community at and around UC Berkeley. We appreciate and recognize our sponsors in the form of posters, banners and logos, and t-shirts seen by thousands of members of the UC Berkeley community. In addition, sponsors are warmly welcomed and encouraged to attend the competition day.