Robotics Competition

How it Works

The Pioneers in Engineering Robotics Competition is an 8-week immersive high school competition designed to increase local awareness and excitement in science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM). Over 300 high school students and 100 college mentors participate in the program every spring. Because the program is run entirely by volunteers and financed through the generous donations of our sponsors, we are able to provide the experience at a mere $100 per team. The Robotics Competition program bridges the gap between high schools, college, and industry in one exciting program.

The Competition

Approximately 24 teams of between 3 and 12 high school students are matched with teams of 4 college-aged mentors for the duration of the 8-week competition. These teams design and build remote-controlled robots to compete in a new game every year, designed to test the students' skills in teamwork, design, and leadership. The season culminates in the Final Competition, where all the teams compete in a fun but intense tournament at the Lawrence Hall of Science.

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Support Us

The Robotics Competition costs approximately $50,000 annually to run. You can support us by making a direct, tax deductible donation or contacting us at for information about donating electronics, volunteer work, or other resources. You can learn more about how to support us here.

Past Participants