PiE Prep

PiE Prep is PiE’s Fall mentorship program. It spans from September through the first four weeks of the Spring semester, just prior to competition season. With our Fall mentorship program we hope to give participating students a hands-on experience with STEM projects and topics. From this experience we hope to not only educate students, but also to provide an enjoyable exposure to STEM for students who have generally been wary of such topics.

In addition to STEM lessons, Prep also spends time during the semester focusing on higher education and college-prep, by organizing a student field trip to the UC Berkeley campus and hosting Q&A sessions with current undergraduates.

This year, the participating schools in the PiE Prep Program are Ralph Bunche High School and Alameda Community Learning Center (ACLC). Prep piloted at Ralph Bunche last year with much success, and we're excited to return for a second year with improvements on the curriculum. At ACLC, Prep will be piloting a slightly more advanced curriculum that culminates in a final project for students to apply the knowledge they've gained.

If you are interested in being a mentor for PiE Prep, look here to see how! We are currently in the process of uploading our STEM lessons online. Check back here later this year to access our lesson plans.