Past Programs


PREP was PiE’s Fall mentorship program. It spanned from September through the first four weeks of the Spring semester, just prior to competition season. This program aimed to spark underserved high school students’ interest in STEM and to provide them with mentors to nurture this interest further. We achieved this ambitious goal with cool projects like hovercrafts, marshmallow trebuchets, and robotic arms.

In addition to this gentle introduction to STEM, PREP also tried to inspire the students to pursue higher education. We organized a student field trip to the UC Berkeley campus and hosted Q&A sessions with current undergraduates.

In 2015, the participating schools in the PiE PREP Program are Ralph Bunche High School, Middle College High School, and Community Day School in Oakland. PREP piloted at Ralph Bunche two years ago with much success, and since then we have grown a lot.

If you are interested in joining PiE in our mission to encourage STEM education and inspire students, look here for information on becoming a mentor for our robotics competition!