Start a Team

The team application for PiE 2015 Robotics Competition is now released! Fill out the form here!

How to Start a Team

  1. Form a team. In the past, we've had teams as small as 4 and as large as 20. We suggest keeping teams to no more than 12 students so everyone will have a chance to contribute to the robot.
  2. Find a teacher who is willing to help you (possibly your math/science/computer science teacher). In the past, we've had both very hands-off teachers (who just supervise you as you work in their classroom after school and act as moral support during Final Competition) and more hands-on teachers (who give advice on robot design and teach you concepts). It is up to you how involved you want your teacher to be, but we do need you to have a teacher to sponsor your team.
  3. Fill out the interest form (Released Oct. 5th). The interest form for 2015 competition is now open. The link to the form is located above.
  4. Fill out our Team Application (Released Nov. 2nd). Fill out our Team Application in November to finish the application process.
  5. Cross your fingers and wait for a response! Since there is a very large interest in PiE, we do not have the resources to support every team who submits an application. Selection is based largely on accessibility (we need to be able to send mentors to your school every week) and the quality of your application (show that you have a very passionate team). Good luck!

Team Requirements

In order to be a successful team, you need to be able to fulfill these basic requirements:

For Teachers and Team Leaders

Here are some resources to help you get a team together:

2015 Season Schedule

Event Date
Kickoff February 28, 2015
Game Day March 7, 2015
Design Reviews March 18-20, 2015
Scrimmage April 11, 2015
Final Competition April 25-26, 2015