Join PiE Staff

There are currently more than 80 active staff members in PiE. Joining PiE is one of the only ways you can do outreach through engineering. You will learn many hands-on skills with the help of our experienced staff members. Joining PiE Staff is also a great way to network (many of our members have had internships, have research positions, or are in grad school) and have fun (we have the quirkiest cooking parties and regularly geek out over the latest robotics gadgets).

To become a PiE staff member, please come to our weekly work sessions every Wednesday from 7-9pm in the 3rd Floor O'Brien Breezeway (the glass hallway above the concrete canoe between McLaughlin and O'Brien Hall). In addition, please email so we know to expect you.

Committees and Projects

Pioneers in Engineering is run entirely by its PiE Staff, who are made up of UC Berkeley undergraduate and graduate students from all majors across campus. The staff are organized into the various committees below.

Kit Development Committee

The Kit Development Committee (KitDev) is responsible for designing and building the robotics kits that are distributed to each team for the robotics competition. The kit is an extendable robotics platform built from off-the-shelf and custom parts. We strive to add features to the kit while keeping the cost affordable. KitDev is subdivided into the mechanical, electrical, and software groups. Projects include designing and machining kit parts, designing and assembling various circuit boards such as our custom motor controller, and writing a custom API for our kits.

Mentorship Committee

The Mentorship Committee is responsible for running our annual Mentor DeCal, which mentors have to take, in the Spring. Mentorship comes up with lesson plans and teaches them to our mentors. Mentorship also assists with building contraptions for various outreach events, such as modules for the Ingenuity Lab at the Lawrence Hall of Science.

Joining Mentorship is a great way to learn how to write lesson plans, teach, and build educational demonstrations.

External Relations Committee

The External Relations Committee focuses on the image of PiE. External designs and writes our publicity materials, fundraises more than $30,000 each year, and handles school recruiting.

Joining the External Relations Committee is a great way to improve your writing, design, and networking skills.

Information Technology

PiE Information Technology (PiE IT, or PIT) is responsible for writing custom applications for our website such as a way for teams to check out tools and parts online or track their expenditures. Joining PIT is a great way for you to learn HTML, CSS, javascript, jQuery, Django, and Python.