Join PiE Staff

There are currently more than 80 active staff members in PiE. Joining PiE is one ways you can do outreach through engineering. You will learn many hands-on skills with the help of our experienced staff members. Joining PiE Staff is also a great way to network (many of our members have had internships, have research positions, or are in grad school) and have fun (we have the quirkiest cooking parties and regularly geek out over the latest robotics gadgets).

We currently have over 20 projects that you can get involved in -  you can check out some of the projects here! Feel free to stop by our worksessions to talk to the people working on the projects to learn more about how you can get involved. 

If you're thinking of joining PiE, or just looking for some more information about us, contact or sign up for our e-mail list hereFeel free to drop by our weekly worksessions, which are held Wednesday from 7-9pm and Saturdays from 1-3 pm, starting on September 12th in the 3rd Floor O'Brien Breezeway (the glass hallway above the concrete canoe between McLaughlin and O'Brien Hall)!

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Other Student Groups on Campus

Berkeley has lots of other student groups related to engineering or community outreach - here's a small selection below!


Robotics@Berkeley is a student group committed to lowering the barriers to starting robotics projects and joining the robotics community at Cal. They strive to create a financial, social, and informational hub for undergraduate roboticists at UC Berkeley by:

  1. Providing monetary, informational, and administrative support for students’ robotics-related projects and competition teams,

  2. Collecting and publicizing information about and opportunities in UC Berkeley’s robotics-related student groups and research labs, and

  3. Organizing socially and intellectually engaging events for roboticists of all ages, majors, and intersts.

You can check out more about their group on their website here, along with a list of other robotics organizations they list here.