I missed infosession! Is it too late?

Absolutely not! You can see the slides from our infosession here, and read through this page for some basic info about Pioneers in Engineering.

What does PiE do again?

Our keystone program is an 8 week robotics competition in the spring, held for local Bay Area high school students. We hope to expose students to hands-on robotics opportunities and encourage them towards higher education in STEM.

What do I get out of joining PiE?

We have a lot of opportunities for you to learn new technical skills and gain hands-on experience in a variety of fields. PiE is also a great place for professional development - alumni have gone on to distinguished graduate schools and work for top companies across the country. We're also a social group, with biannual retreats and banquets and near-weekly board game nights and late-night dinner runs.

How do I join? Do I have to apply?

There is no application to get involved with Pioneers in Engineering. We do have a few forms for you to fill out, which you can view here. However, these forms are not an application - they're for you to set up your PiE account and start doing cool stuff with us! You can drop off these forms at one of our worksessions, or pick up pre-printed copies there.

Do I have to be an engineering major to join?

Nope! Plenty of PiE staff are non-engineers - we have Computer Science majors, Cognitive Science majors, Biology majors, Econ majors, and more! We encourage people to explore projects that aren't necessarily related to their field of study.

When does PiE meet?

Our worksessions are every Wednesday from 7 - 9 PM and every Saturday from 1 - 3 PM. We meet in O'Brien Hall - typically in 212 O'Brien or the Breezeway. You can also frequently find us in our clubroom, 101 O'Brien, whether or not we have worksession. 101 can be a little tricky to find the first time around - let us know if you need help!

What projects does PiE have?

See the projects page for all the 20+ projects we have!