I missed infosession! Is it too late?

Absolutely not! You can see the slides from our infosession here, and read through this page for some basic info about Pioneers in Engineering.

What does PiE do again?

Our keystone program is an 8 week robotics competition in the spring, held for local Bay Area high school students. We hope to expose students to hands-on robotics opportunities and encourage them towards higher education in STEM.

What do I get out of joining PiE?

We have a lot of opportunities for you to learn new technical skills and gain hands-on experience in a variety of fields. PiE is also a great place for professional development - alumni have gone on to distinguished graduate schools and work for top companies across the country. We're also a social group, with biannual retreats and banquets and near-weekly board game nights and late-night dinner runs.

How do I join? Do I have to apply?

There is no application to get involved with Pioneers in Engineering. We do have a few forms for you to fill out, which you can view here. However, these forms are not an application - they're for you to set up your PiE account and start doing cool stuff with us! You can drop off these forms at one of our worksessions, or pick up pre-printed copies there.

Do I have to be an engineering major to join?

Nope! Plenty of PiE staff are non-engineers - we have Computer Science majors, Cognitive Science majors, Biology majors, Econ majors, and more! We encourage people to explore projects that aren't necessarily related to their field of study.

When does PiE meet?

Our worksessions are every Wednesday from 7 - 9 PM and every Saturday from 1 - 3 PM. We meet in O'Brien Hall - typically in 212 O'Brien or the Breezeway. You can also frequently find us in our clubroom, 101 O'Brien, whether or not we have worksession. 101 can be a little tricky to find the first time around - let us know if you need help!

What projects does PiE have?

Kit Engineering Projects Description Project Manager(s)
Smart Sensor Design and routing the electrical boards PiE's sensors run on Seiya Ono
Runtime Design the software on the BBB platform that interfaces and controls the other kit components Bob Dai
Yogi Bear Design the new generation of PiE motor controllers Stanley Liu
Sourcing Source the materials for PiE's electrical kit projects Krystyn Neisess
Field Control Ensure steady and consistent communication between PiE's robots and field systems Yizhe Liu
Dawn Design the front-end interface for student-robot interaction Kevin Ma
Hibike Design the communication protocols between sensors and the BBB platform Karthik Shamugam
Hardware Ops Ensure and maintain the operation of PiE's development robots for kit testing Griff Potrock
PiEDB Design the next generation of PiE's power distribution boards Tobin Holcomb
DevOps Maintain the PiE software testing and integration framework Arjun Sridhar
Mechanical Kit Design and produce PiE's 2017 mechanical kit (chassis, drive train, et al) Jehan Yang
Actuated Field Design actuated elements of PiE's 2017 game Jehan Yang
Programs Projects Description Project Manager(s)
GDC Design and organize PiE's 2018 game Alan Zhang, Jenny Wong
GIC Bring the PiE's 2017 game design into reality through field construction, game piece design, and more Alan Zhang
Fall Comp Organize PiE's 2017 Fall Competition. In PiE's Fall Comp, students play an unmodified version of last year's game to rev them up for the coming competition. Alan Zhang
MDC Design the mechanisms challenge that students will compete in during PiE's 2017 Fall Competition Jehan Yang
Web Operations Projects Description Project Manager(s)
Website Design and maintain the PiE website Vivien Nguyen
Kit Extension Web Apps Design a new purchasing system for student kit extension James Hulett
Worksession Plugin Worksession plugin to integrate worksessions into discourse Jiana Huang
Business Operations Projects Description Project Manager(s)
Social Media Maintain PiE's social media presence Vivien Nguyen
Partnerships Form new PiE partnerships with potential sponsors Leadership
Finance Ensure the responsible funding of PiE projects Leadership
Staff Operations Projects Description Project Manager(s)
Staff Recruiting Recruit the next generation of PiE staff members Briana Niu, Kevin Ma
Staff Retention Ensure PiE staff are integrated well into the organization Christian Ramiro, Sarah Zhou
Education & Outreach Projects Description Project Manager(s)
E.D.You Design PiE's fall workshop program. PiE will be holding monthly student workshops covering fundamentals of mechanical and software engineering. Clancy Lee
PiE Academy Design videos to maintain the education of PiE students online Rachel Ieda
LHS Trebuchet We build a trebuchet that throws pumpkins for Discovery Days at the Lawrence Hall of Science. Grant Emmendorfer