Become a Mentor

If you are a UC Berkeley or SFSU student, you can be a great PiE mentor! Mentors are required to take our DeCal (2 units, P/NP) and mentor their teams for at least two hours per week.  Mentors are needed for both the Prep season, during the Fall, and the Robotics Competition, during the Spring.

Who is a Mentor? 

A Pioneers in Engineering mentor for the Prep program helps to engage students in the STEM modules, while teaching them and answering any questions regarding the weeks material.  A mentor for the Robotics Competition guides a team of local high school students through the design and build process of a robot that will compete in an eight-week long, exciting competition season. Our mentors are mostly UC Berkeley students, but we also have mentors from SFSU and other volunteers in the community.

Why Mentor for PiE

  1. Opportunity to learn more about robotics, mechanical design, and electrical design
  2. Gain first-hand experience in teaching and hands-on engineering
  3. Inspire high school students to pursue science and technical fields in higher education
  4. Make an impact on the local community
  5. Earn units in our DeCal Classes - Fall and/or Spring.

What Mentors Say

"I learned loads about robot design and . . . general engineering principles that I wouldn't have otherwise."

Christian Pedersen, 1st year, Electrical Engineering and Computer Sciences
"The smiles on my students' faces and their desire to participate next year made my PiE experience fulfilling."

Albert Lu, 1st year, Bioengineering
"Mentoring for PiE is the perfect opportunity to gain teaching experience . . . and apply what I learned in my engineering classes at Cal."

Jessica Miller, 2nd year, Electrical Engineering and Computer Sciences

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How to Become a Mentor 

To become a Prep mentor, please enroll in our PiE Prep DeCal (EE98/198), which takes place during the Fall.  The DeCal involves lesson run-throughs of the STEM lessons we will be teaching at participating high schools.  This will help prepare you to teach the material, by giving you prior experience with the activities we will be doing.  Participants will be expected to be present at the weekly lessons at participating high schools and to answer weekly surveys regarding the lessons.  If you have any questions, please email us at 

To become a Robotics Competition mentor, please enroll in our PiE Robotics DeCal, which will have two sections this Spring. The DeCal is a crash course in robotics, game analysis, and mentorship and is designed to help you become a knowledgeable mentor and ready to guide a team towards our robotics competition. Participants will be expected to meet with their high school teams two hours weekly, in addition to preparing a short one-paragraph detailing their visit.