PiE Fall Competition

A Two-Part Event

RC: Reboot

Replaying the past year’s competition can be done easily by any of the teams who have participated in the past with little to no cost, as team keep their robots from the past years. While teams may just brush off the dust when the competition comes back around, it is encouraged they at least briefly test the robot to ensure everything is sound for a smoother competition. Teams also have the opportunity to complete unfinished business, as a rushed season may lead to an incomplete robot, or even, if they decide to try a different design, rebuild their entire robot.

Mechanical Design Challenge

The MDC will perform in solitude, rather than in more heavily interactive environments. Focused entirely on mechanical design, teams will try to create a mechanism that does not use stored electrical power in any way, and will have to figure out ways to passively actuate their respective manipulators to complete the challenge. Challenges are aimed to make students problem solve differently under stricter requirements, and do some amounts of research understanding ways the challenge may be accomplished.
Time Fall Competition MDC
8:00 AM Check In
9:00 AM Drivers and Captains Meeting
9:30 AM Practice Matches
10:00 AM Prelim Matches Test Trials and
12:00 PM Lunch
1:00 PM Prelim Matches Final Trials
2:00 PM Alliance Selection Final Trials
2:30 PM Elimination Matches Final Trials
4:00 PM Final Match
4:30 PM Awards Ceremony
5:00 PM Close